Industrial maintenance and assembly



We provide maintenance services and industrial assembly work in a variety of areas. Our expert staff has the skills, knowledge and experience to implement any type of project or machine in our customers’ facilities, analysing and making precise adjustments to optimise performance and safety.

After surveying the condition of the facilities and the available options for making changes to improve safety and efficacy, we install the necessary protection of industrial machinery or facilities, adapting them to the applicable regulations. We can do this work in our plant or on the clients’ premises, to suit your work hours and availability, causing minor interruption to production.

We devise maintenance plants tailored to your needs, and perform the different tasks involved:

– Scheduled maintenance: we carry out scheduled and regular maintenance services at the most convenient times.

– Predictive maintenance: we analyse all the factors affecting the components and machinery, predicting future problems and taking the appropriate opportune measures.

– ‘Zero hours’ maintenance: we thoroughly review the installation, machinery and components, replacing any faulty pieces before any faults occur, keeping your equipment as good as new.

– Modifying maintenance: we modify your installation to prevent specific faults from appearing or adapting the equipment to cover new requirements.

– Corrective maintenance: we take decisive action when a problem occurs unexpectedly or in exceptional circumstances, when the maintenance is not scheduled.