Mould recovery

Mould recovery

This is a radical innovation for the market, whereby we restore the geometries of cast and bronze moulds after the end of their useful life, so that they can be used to manufacture more containers. We are also able to rebuild and recycle discarded nozzles and rings.

Given that this recovery process is a totally new procedure that does not exist as such in the market, it should be pointed out that our new glass container mould recovery process is not only innovative at the technical level but also means savings and more economic, productive and sustainable efficiency.

This is the traditional process:

  1. A new set of moulds is manufactured.
  2. The set of moulds is repaired as many times as possible until its useful life is over.
  3. Once the useful life of the mould is over, the mould is discarded and another new mould is manufactured.

Our company has developed a methodology which means that your moulds need NOT be discarded. At the end of the useful life cycle, rather than following the traditional methodology and recovery process, the mould is recycled and restored to optimal condition.  We give moulds a new useful life, doubling the minimum life cycle.

This process consists of processing discarded or obsolete moulds which enable recovery at a lower cost than producing a new one, leaving it in optimal condition to be used again to manufacture containers. Because moulds are metal products, they are highly polluting, which means that container manufacturing companies can obtain grants and will become known for opting for a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable business model.

Our customers want lower-than-market prices, product hardness and composition in accordance with standards, new ancillary services (such as inserts in moulds and new engravings) service availability and custom refitting.