Base and nozzle polisher

Base and nozzle polisher

As part of our industrial machinery measurement and automatic process service, our base and nozzle polisher consists of a frame that supports all the machine components. It is made from steel plates and S235 profiles in different formats. The machine is on wheels so that it can be moved from place to place and levelled by adjusting the four legs.

The claw plate changes the turning speed by way of a frequency adjuster.

The machine is intended for use by trained operators and has components for adjusting the heights of some of its components. To do this, the polisher can include a hydraulic lifting system to raise or lower a general support guided by four axles, or a manual system. The difference between the maximum and minimum height is around 250 mm.

The base and nozzle polisher has different chassis and protective doors, which cover the moving parts of the machine.

The drive pedal of the base and nozzle polisher controls the rotation of the piece to polish.

To control the different variables of the polishing process, the machine has a display panel with lights, buttons and switches.

The control panel has an emergency stop button to disable all mechanisms in case of an incident. All switches and buttons are protected from accidental activation.

It has CE marking and complies with current prevention regulations.