1910 to 1920

It was in this decade that FRANCISCO SIVÓ SANCHEZ moved to Barcelona to perfect his locksmith’s skills and pursue his vocation, although he was a carpenter’s son (Tomas and José).

After three years in Barcelona (between 1910 and 1915), and armed with his experience and the money he had managed to save, he returned to CAUDETE, married and put down roots in what later would be known as “Bar El Miami”.


The first official record of the professional life of FRANCISCO SIVÓ SÁNCHEZ dates back to 1923-1924 when he is mentioned in the Municipal Archive’s Record of Industry as a metal worker in the town of Caudete.

1930 to 1940

After several years of work, FRANCISCO SIVÓ SÁNCHEZ opened a locksmith’s workshop in what is now no. 14 Calle El Molino, in a 192-square-metre, three-storey building that still stands to this day. He did this with the help of 30,000-peseta loan.

He died soon afterwards in 1941.


When Francisco Sivó Sánchez died in 1941, his 17-year-old son, JOSE SIVÓ SÁNCHEZ, and his sister Pilar inherited a 20.000 pesetas debt. They paid it off by selling the machinery and premises to el Rojo de los trabucos to settle all the debts.

JOSE SANCHEZ SIVÓ worked for Rojico until the age of 20 years when he was called up to do his military service.


After being discharged from his military service at the age of 23 and on learning that Rojico wanted to leave, JOSE SIVÓ SÁNCHEZ took over the locksmith’s workshop that his father had built. To do this he had to take out a loan for 32.500 pesetas to recover the machinery and the premises, and he earned an excellent reputation for his work.


Social Security, NOVEMBER 1956 (equivalent to today’s TC2).


Apprenticeship agreement signed by Juan Albertos Garcia in February 1959, and his April salary and the Social Security for the same year (equivalent to TC1 today)


Year when JOSÉ SIVÓ SANCHEZ applied to the MUNICIPALITY OF CAUDETE to reclassify the activity to MECHANICAL WORKSHOP for the activity in Calle Proyecto 8, in CAUDETE.


In 1966, there was a major change when the workshop moved to new, larger premises after many years of work by José Sivó Sanchez.

Initially, these facilities consisted of two, semi-detached industrial units with an approximate surface of 900 square metres and living quarters on the top floor. Years later, the premises were extended with a new internal 1,250-square-metre bay, to a total of 2,150 square metres.

This made space for large-scale metal structures such as the Caudete Horticultural Unit in 1970 and some large, 20,000 and 30,000-litre boiler fuel tanks in 1,969.


In late 1991, early 1992, the biggest change so far took place.

This was when the company was transformed from “JOSÉ SIVÓ SANCHEZ,” (sole trader) to a limited company, “HIJOS DE JOSE SIVO S.L.”. To meet the new demand for production, the company moved again, this time to new premises on the Los Villares of Caudete Industrial Estate, which consisted of an indoor space measuring over 6,000 square metres equipped to undertake a wide variety of both small- and large-scale jobs.