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Historia de Hijos de José Sivó

This is the fourth generation of a family company whose origin dates to the second decade of the 20th century. Everything began with FRANCISCO SIVÓ SANCHEZ, a locksmith. WE HAVE BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS.  Under the management of JOSE SIVÓ SANCHEZ, the business began to expand and what started life as a locksmith’s workshop is now a company with facilities occupying 6,000 square metres of indoor space.


To provide the new Industry 4.0 world with innovative, entirely new solutions to reduce energy and raw material consumption, in line with our moral commitment to the environment. Our objective is to achieve more efficient output while lowering the levels of pollution caused by current mould manufacturing processes.


We aspire to be a benchmark brand for the glass container manufacturing sector in Spain and Europe. Our mission is clear: to continuously develop innovative processes and products, always focused on the specific demands of our customers and market.


Our people are our main asset, and their proactive, collaborative attitude, allows us to be a company with a clear, innovative focus.

We are ready to tackle any challenge because, together, we are a versatile company, ready to deal with any situation. Change after change, always in search of innovative solutions to satisfy our customers, we strive for continuous improvement.

Head of administration and economic/financial control

José Vila Marco

Administrative and Financial Controller
José Sivó Medina
Head of Administration and member of the company’s steering committee. Head of organisation of the maintenance unit.

José Sivó Medina

Company Administrator and Member of the Steering Committee
Managing director. Responsible for coordinating the company’s different areas and departments.

Juan Sivó Medina

Head of design and control of the company’s production processes.

José Sivó Romero

Process Designer and Operational Control